Hello there, I’m Cynthia, founder and lead planner at Obeng Events. I live in London, but spend much of my time travelling the globe for our clients, seeking out the world’s most incredible venues, organising truly spectacular events and adding my own brand of sparkle and elegance to any occasion. If that sounds amazing, well, it is, I love my job.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time now, from an invitation-only dinner party at the age of thirteen for school friends in the garden catered by Chez Mum to the planning and smooth execution of a stunning luxury wedding in Jamaica for an intimate party of 200, to take just one recent example.

That journey, from teen to professional planner – punctuated by launches, lunches, weddings and events – has helped me to develop my own style and approach to supporting our brides and grooms, entrepreneurs and business clients in their efforts to create an experience to remember, every time.

Central to everything we do are the values we live by:
  • Diversity – love is love, period
  • Individuality – helping you to find your own way
  • Daring – go for it, whatever ‘it’ may be
  • Wonder – aim for breathtaking and leave them wanting more
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, helping to shape events from concept to exactingly coordinated reality and I can genuinely say that I have had as much fun and gained every bit as much joy from the experience as our clients have.

Today, I’m fortunate to have a mind that’s constantly whirring with ideas, a little black book of suppliers that I trust and who share my passion for perfection, and an adventurous streak that drives me to push boundaries to ensure that every client gets the day they would wish for.
Event Academy Certificate