Whether you have a product to launch, a new line to present to the world, a party to put on or an occasion to plan for, we’re here to help you make it truly spectacular.Our event planning service is open to a wide variety of clients, from individuals and influencers to designers and corporates, all with their own reasons for looking for professional help, but aligned in their desire to put on an event that will be an absolute sensation.
From consultation to concept proposal, planning and execution you can be assured that you’re in good hands.
We love innovation, going big, going bold, going where no one has gone before and we’re chock-full of ideas. We’re also extremely adept at coordinating the many moving parts of any event to ensure that what we create for you is designed to impress.

Each project is split into four phases:

  1. Concept: Meetings and discussions, ideas and proposal presentation.
  2. Pre-Event: The lead-up to your event is a time of planning, scheduling and triple checking – supplier selection and onboarding, run sheet creation and venue checks.
  3. On the Day: Coordination of every supplier, individual, activity and cue to ensure that the event runs like clockwork
  4. Post Event: We’re always the last to leave, we can arrange a post-event thank you for all those present, and we’ll debrief with you two to three days later

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