On the Day Coordination


You deserve for your wedding day to be special, after all you’ve waited your whole life for this moment, so you and your partner should enjoy every minute of it, free to soak up the atmosphere, to dance, laugh with family and friends and make memories.

But special doesn’t happen by chance (well, not often) – it needs to be meticulously planned and coordinated to ensure the well-oiled machine that is a professionally managed wedding day runs smoothly.

A typical wedding day involves the coordination of a multitude of suppliers, activities and planned moments, all carefully synchronised in an effortless dance. I have spent a lifetime choreographing events to ensure that they run with effortless precision so you can be confident that your day will do to.

Challenges can happen, that’s just life, maybe a microphone isn’t working or the caterers have underestimated the number of servers they’ll need, the car could be late or a florist delivers the wrong bouquet. We avoid these issues by triple checking everything and remaining in constant contact with everyone on the day. But should an issue arise, we always have a plan so you’ll never even know there was a problem.To summarise, we will:

  1. Contact you six weeks before your wedding day to get a complete understanding of what has been planned.
  2. Create a detailed schedule of activities and events for the day
  3. Contact every supplier to walk them through the schedule and their part in it
  4. Coordinate the incorporation of any last-minute changes into the schedule
  5. Manage the set-up of your venue to ensure it meets with planned expectations
  6. Liaise with venue and suppliers on the day to ensure everything runs like clockwork
  7. Agile management to adapt to challenges on the day (weather, delays, etc.)
  8. Ensure that you are relaxed and having fun

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