Ama & Greg

Cynthia has been an absolute star throughout this entire process. We started planning our wedding during the first lockdown which was of course quite a challenge. Cynthia she really took the time to understand exactly what it was that we wanted and went the extra mile to ensure we had that by sourcing the best products/professionals/locations to suit our budget.

As a couple who were quite opposed to the “traditional” way of doing things, we found that Cynthia was incredibly open, patient, positive and even if we did drive her up the wall at times, she never showed it – nothing was too big or too small- a true passionate and focused professional who clearly LOVES what she does.

As the lockdown situation fluctuated, our plans had to change frequently, but all throughout this time, Cynthia remained the effortlessly optimistic planner who knew we would have a fabulous day regardless. I could talk about our wedding at length…but instead, I choose to conclude in a few words, it was simply the beautiful, intimate and elegant affair that we wished for..literally one of the best days of our lives together.

Thankyou Cynthia, for everything.

With our love always
Ama & Greg


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